What happened to my garden?!

What are these spots all over my leaves on cucumber, squash, and peppers?? Is it fixable or a disease? I water them almost daily.

Clemson has great resources for gardening despite all state school rivalry

I’ve also read that you should avoid overhead watering (getting leaves wet) and evening watering because it keeps the humidity high

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If it were me, I’d stop over watering first. Next spray all the affected plants with Neem oil, (stalk, both sides of leaves, and around base of plant)

Plus, they probably need more sun. You rarely ever see PM on sunny plants.

Hope that helps

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My vote is for Powdery Mildew, as well. Looks like your plants are too close together? That, combined with the privacy fence blocking adequate ventilation, over watering, and high humidity, is never a good thing.

I’ve never had much success overcoming Powdery Mildew. You can try to pluck the effected foliage, but seeing how wide spread it is in your case, you might have to remove the entire effected plant? As it effects the blooms and fruit of the host plant.

I’d also till the soil several times over the fall and winter, adding a quality fungicide, to prevent another round of contamination next spring.

Mulching might help hold the humidity down above soil level too

thanks guys,
i just sprayed it all down with Neem oil. if i had to live by being a gardener i would die of starvation. the area gets a ton of sun which is why i moved it there. maybe i have been over watering. i don’t know but thanks for the help.

The squash will overtake that area over it really starts going. Plants are too close together. Spread em out next season. It’ll still produce, but will be limited because of crowding.


Id wager the reduced watering and Neem oil has started working.

Has it?

the squash and peppers are coming around. the cucumbers though i think got it too bad and are dying. I watered today for the first time since. seems to be perking up except cucumbers.
thanks, for the help ya’ll

Good luck, I believe it’s to much water.

Spacing seems fine, as I have more than a couple planted next to each other and produce like crazy every year. Straight, crooked and zucchini.

Drainage matters, as well as city water vs well.


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Stop watering, stick your finger in ground couple inches to see.

They don’t need that much with mature root system.


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ok thanks for the info


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Looks like all is coming back healthy but what is this yellow clumps at the bottom of the cucumber plant?

Dog vomit.

It’s a fungi or mold, not sure, you could Google it

Also called slime mold. You can scrape it off and let the ground under the plant continue to dry out, you are likely still too wet.

Id guess it was in the mulch you put out maybe.

Anyway, I think that’s what it is.

That’s a new one on me!

My cukes are still going but getting pretty yellowed out near the bottoms. Bet we’ve gotten 50-75 off our little plot, started picking tomatoes and bell peppers this week too

I put this thing in a jar by itself and came back later to find it covered in tiny cocoons… anybody seen this!?