What I Just Shot

In the next few weeks/months I will be getting ready to stock the freezers, so as I take stuff out of the safes and make ready my arsenal I thought you might like seeing some of my stuff. I know I’d like seeing some of yours here too.

I talked to a couple of guys here and was advised this might not be a good idea, but when have I ever colored inside the lines?

With that in mind I’ll show some of my sporting rifles for now.

Please feel free to show us some of your pea shooters too.

This is a Seko A7M Long Action Stainless 30 06 with synthetic stock and 24 inch fluted barrel. Made in Finland. I am putting a pic rail on it tonight so I can swap scopes from night to daytime hunting.

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Sadly all my guns were lost in a tragic canoe accident. I do have a pretty cool pellet gun we call “The Squirrel Slayer”. Nice rifles. Post up pics of your prey.

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I thought OTC was the one that sunk all his guns?

You too?

One day you guys gotta tell us that story

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A confidential fisherman told me that @EF1 has a beautiful retreat and is a generous host. I can’t wait till I get an invite to use the secret security code to enter on the button box at the gate below


If you are ever in the neighborhood do drop in. Open and standing invite

Be careful with the open invites.
Some of us are like stray cats. You feed us and we might just never go away…

You’d be welcome and well fed too.

Road trip!

When we going??

After we take EF fishing here to make sure he can take noogies and put up with my sense of humor. :joy:

I still owe you lunch don’t forget

Party at EF’s house!!!

Finally got our materials to finish up the roof here in Greenville. Depending on weather a week to 10 days we should be out of here.

I had planned on coming to the rally up in your neck of the woods. But time got away from me. And unfortunately I have other obligations this weekend.

I’ve carried this weapon everyday for over 4 years. Wet countless times for being on the bike and the boat. Banged up against scaffolds and equipment all the time. really good shape for what it’s been through.

If you ever get up this way you have to check out the snake. when i was a younger and more agile fisher we used to make the footpegs sparkle

Good times.

"The Snake" Motorcycle Road Trip - Johnson County Chamber

Went to Maggie valley rally years ago. Did a little bit of the snake. Messed up a brand new pair of drag pipes trying to keep up with a rice rocket.
Also done the tale of the dragon.

This is 1 of the wife’s toys…

Oh yeah just in case somebody kicks in my front door I can run out on the back porch and fire the shotgun off a couple times,

I hope posting this don’t stir up too many problems. You know you can shoot somebody’s eye out.

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