What is "Offshore"

How far out do YOU consider “offshore” fishing?

Further than you can swim back?

I would imagine past the line of demarcation.

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Outside the jetties on live bottom or artificial reefs

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Out of Charleston, it’s where 1) I can’t see land, and 2) the water turns from green to blue(ish). I think that ends up being a few miles outside the shipping channel?

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Past the artificials.
Past the break is “far offshore”

35 miles plus

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Bassmasters call it 20’ or more!

Anything past the Nearshore reef

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Outside inlet but within sight of land: “nearshore”. Out of sight of land: “offshore”.

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Outside inlet but within sight of land: “nearshore”. Out of sight of land: “offshore”.

Agree: If you can see land or the Ravenel, you’re nearshore. If you’re in blue water and can’t see anything, you’re offshore. If you’re 70+ miles out, you’re way offshore.

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