What rigs for Drum Island?

I’ve had poor luck in my normal places recently and want to try Drum Island for the first time. With all the structure it seems like a good option. What is the normal setup for fishing there? I normally keep a good mix of popping corks and carolina rigs.

That’s probably fine, the current rips through there…I’ve had luck with Spanish on small casting spoons and entertaining shark fishing on the nw corner where the eddy forms on outgoing tide…better places to fish for dinner imo but that’s what I do while my wife is looking for sharks teeth…

If you’re willing to share info on dinner spots I am all ears. I’ve been coming up dry (or undersize).

I’ve caught a plethora of different fish around drum. I guess it depends on what your looking for. Being that the temp is set to stupid, soaking some bait is never a bad idea. Find the bait around drum and you’ll find the fish.