What rods are you guys using ?

Just curious here about what size rods you guys use most of the time in the kayak.

I have a couple of 6’ and 6.5’ rods with long buts but I dont like throwing grubs with them. I kind of like the smaller and lighter short but, 5.5’ med action rod for that stuff. I know it may not handle a decent red very well but it should make for a good fight.

I was wanting to get another rod to take with me, just not sure what to try so I’m looking for opinions on what you guys like to throw plastic with.

I use 6 1/2 foot split butt Okuma’s most of the time. It took a little while to get used to casting with the split grip, but use the same push-pull technique casting that you do paddling and you can sling baits a LOOOOONG way.

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I use a 6’9 ML Cashion Custom most of the time. Its all tip, the first 80% of the rod stays straight as an arrow, great for light bites but lets you have serious fighting power. We are also in the midst of developing a kayak series rod too! check em out at cashionrods.com The coolest part is they are made in NC. The owner/designer is a great guy and can do all sorts of custom underwraps and butt sections. Shoot me a PM if your interested! (lifetime warranty also!)

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6.5 ft St Croix Tidemaster casting and a 7 ft St Croix Tidemaster spinning. Both medium action. I like both of them, but probably like the 7 ft a little better.

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All of my rods are St. Croix. It depends on what I am throwing that day as to which I am going to use. If I am using a popping cork its going to be a 7 foot med action triump. Topwater is going to be either a Avid or Tidemaster 7 foot med-heavy action and for jigs/jerkbaits I am going to be using a 7 1/2 foot Tidemaster, Avid, or Premier med-light action.

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Ok, thanks guys. Maybe it is just the long butts on my other rods that I dont like using. The smaller rod rod that I use most of time is one that I just like to throw a lot. Guess maybe it is just the long butts on my other rods that I dont like using with the kayak.

I have 7’ medium Ugly Stik rods for my baitcasting reels, and 6’ 6" medium Ugly Stik Lite rods for my spinning reels.

They were on sale :slight_smile:

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If you want to drop $160, give me the length rod and length butt you want and I’ll get a Cashion to you…also if you prefer larger guides (if you use double uni with heavy line) let me know. I promise you will never want to fish with another rod!!

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I use 7’2" ml for tails , 7’4" m for DOA, Zman shrimp and 7’ medh for plugs all spinning split grip.

I would love to get a nice rod like that, but, currently my wallet does not support the love as much as I do. I will have to stick with the cheap stuff for now.