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Looking for some advice and opinions about picking up some new rods. Having been using an assortment of different rods over the years and thinking about consolidating with one brand. Does anyone use a fast or extra fast action for top water. I know some anglers don’t like the fast action since it’s easier to rip the hook out of the mouth, but wonder if that is really an issue.
Looking at a few different rods such as the Loomis Green Water, Abu Villain and the Fenwicks. Any opinions and experience with these would be appreciated. Also if you have any recommendations of rods I have not looked at yet just send them along.

The loomis are nice, I would stay away from the Abu’s seen a few snap. I have several penn legions and regiments that have been great rods especially for the price.

Not to make this a sales pitch but I have 2 penn legions 7’3" with battle 2000 on them that are going up for sale pm me if interested.

I have had good experiences with Star Rods - my go-to setup is a Penn Battle 3000 on a 7’6" Star medium light rod

I also like star rods. They are strong and durable, and they also come with a 5yr warrenty. And a good price as well

I recently bought a few TFO saltwater series rods that I really like a lot especially for the price.

It depends on budget. St Croix and Loomis make some great stuff. I really like my Penn Legions. A great budget priced rod are the ugly sticks. I use Penn Battle 3000 reels and they’ve held up well. The Okuma trio or even avenger are well made and affordable. There are so many options but it all comes down to your budget. A van staal reel on a high end Loomis is awesome. But they break the bank. I would get, at least, a 7’ rod in medium to fast and match it with a 3000 level reel. You can’t go wrong with that for most inshore fishing.

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Thanks for all the input, have never fished the Penn’s before and will have to give them a try. Was leaning towards the green water or green water pro, but had heard they had some issues with breakage.

I have been VERY happy with the Shimano Terramar series ($100-$1200. I have been told it is the same blank Loomis uses in the greenwater.


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I’ll second DolphinD’s suggestion. I have two of them, as well as a pair of Star Stellar Lites. They’re both great rods with excellent warranties. I’md look into both of those and see if you can find the right length/wt that feels right to you.

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I recently bought a few TFO saltwater series rods that I really like a lot especially for the price.

I’ve got two of the TFO Tactical rods that are fantastic.

WS Ride 135

I’m partial to shimano rods, its the only thing ill fish now

Check out the Shimano Terez Waxwing. They are made with fast and extra fast action for 7’-8’ sizes. The blanks are also relatively small for their power rating which is also nice.


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ive been pretty happy with my lightning rod (spinning outfit). it runs about $40 and the 7 foot medium i have handles 30" redfish no problem and is very sensitive so great at picking up flounder and sheephead. used it back home for walleye where a 12lb walleye bite feels like a 6" crappie and sensitivity is a must.

Look at the St Croix Avids. They are in the same ball park if not a little less than some of the rods you listed. I have 7 of them in 4 different sizes and I love them!

St Croix Legend Elite if you’re willing to spend $300 is an unbelievable rod. In the $100-$200 range there are a lot of options but really like what St Croix is offering at their price points. Loomis is getting a little out of control with their pricing and noticed the action on their newer/updated lines is too fast for my taste.