What to do with fish carcasses

Hey question? is it legal to dispose your fish carcasses in a tidal creek? Otherwise what do you do with them?

Yes, the crabs love them a lot more than the dumpster guys.

When I haven’t been able to put them back in the creek, like when I dress them at home, I usually put them in a trash bag and then in the freezer until trash day.

Like I said, the crabs love them a lot more than the dumpster guys, lol.


As long as their not dumped at the base of a public boat ramp. Sure. They will be recycled in short order.

That’s what I thought! someone complained saying harmful to the oxygen level in the creek. that they take water samples? is there anything illegal about it? figure whatever the crabs and minnows don’t eat the birds and raccoons will get?

I bury them in the garden or boil on a fire and pour the likker on the hounds food.
If I lived on a creek I would put them in a crab pot.
Always somebody whining about something

Well, crabs are people too. They have to eat. :grin:. But I would clean my catch at the house and bury the carcasses in my compost bin. Worms and other crawly things would eat up the evidence in short order. Plus, the compost soil would be excellent for the garden and other plants.

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I have a buddy that grows all kinds of peppers. He puts all of his guts/carcasses in his garden. He swears everything grows better.

That’s what my granddad did with em

Here’s a picture of Stumps great great great great great grand pappy showing the Pilgrims how it’s done.

A skill passed down in his family evidently for ages

Pierce the eyes to make sure the carcass sinks

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Somehow, I feel like that picture is racist.

Thought I’d beat Peapod to it.

I’ll freeze them and throw them out on trash day. I also put them in the creek if I have a convenient opportunity.

Had a Bald Eagle snatch one 10 yard down the creek from me.
He was thankful I’d left the eyes untouched.

It’s actually encouraged in Alaska during salmon run. Studies found that the carcasses where important to the ecosystem of the nymphs

Maybe, but the crabs were pizzed :slight_smile: