What to expect at the Reefs?

My buddy and I went to the Charleston Nearshore reef Saturday and caught a good amount of BSB, Whiting, a few sharks, a very nice Sheepshead, etc… What can we expect to catch if we venture out to some of the more distant reefs, say y-73 or Charleston 60? Can we expect to catch a bigger variety of fish, like Amberjack or Triggerfish, or will we still predominately catch the same fish i mentioned before?

We just want to make sure that we wont catch the exact species at the distant reefs, that we can at the nearshore!

Thanks for your replies


2004 Seacraft 21 ft

Every day is different. Keep in mind that those reefs are hit pretty hard and a lot depends what is on them including fishing pressure, water temperatures, time of year, etc. But yes all of those species that you mentioned will frequent the offshore reefs at certain times of the year including dozens of others you didn’t mention. However, I don’t think I have seen whiting at the offshore reefs. Also, keep in mind that a lot of people catch spadefish on most of the reefs which should be showing up in numbers very soon (if not already). Out that far you could catch: tropicals, grouper, snapper, grunts, porgies, tomtates, rudderfish, jacks, flounder, cobia, mackeral, dolphin, etc… Be prepared.