What trailer, and from whom?

17" Henry O Hornet
1200 400 250 100 100 100
Hull + Motor + Fuel + Safety Gear + Fishing Gear + Cooler/Food <= 2200 lbs. on the trailer

Losing the corrosion battle on the rear cross member on the old trailer (predates the 1988 hull). And, even if I fixed that it needs new axle/hubs/wheels. The old one is a galv c-channel bunk leaf spring setup. Having gotten most of 30 yrs out of it, I would be opposed to another galv one.

So, what brands?
Who carries them around Charleston?
What does a custom aluminum cost (fully expect that to be beyond the budget)?
Been towing for 40yrs without brakes. Do I need them? I don’t think so. Could be wrong.

Any warnings against particular brands or retailers? If you don’t want to bad mouth someone online, shoot me a message.

I think I want a new ride, but, not necessarily opposed to a very lightly used used one.
I know I want bunks.

Have just started looking.

Can’t go wrong with Loadrite or Road King in my opinion. Charleston trailer quoted me 2900 for my 18’ single axle in 2020, I’m sure it would be 3900 these days… Brakes are just more maintenance and unnecessary for that weight boat, but you already knew that. Torsion axle is unbeatable, dam a spring haha

On a side note, you’d have been proud (mdaddy would have been too)… swapped out a VST and fuel injectors in a 2000 F115 over the weekend, got it running like a champ and going over 2k RPM’s again! So glad we replaced the whole thing and didn’t attempt to rebuild the old one, let’s just say, it didn’t come apart as anticipated when we tried to tear it down for inspection…

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Last one you will ever need. No brakes. Torsion axle. Aluminum. New Tires.

I’m usually a “Why buy new when used will do” guy, but this looks really spiffy to me,for the money.


didn't come apart as anticipated...."
They hardly ever do. ;-)

Thanks for the info, Nocker and Fisher.

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