"Whats biten in ?" question

Was going to Hatteras in Nov but roads have washed out so we’re coming back to IOP the first week of Nov. instead. I fished here last year in Sept and had a great time but was wondering what species I might be looking for in Nov.
I have a 19’ wa seapro with a 115 4stroke. I feel safe out to about 10 or twelve miles so thats why im posting in the inshore section. I also enjoy fishing in the ICW or creeks if I can get my boat in.
Im mainly looking for whats still around at that time, good species to target and also what type of bait might be around. I throw net and have a pinfish trap.

The ICW is loaded with redfish inshore, any live bait near moving water creek mouths should get you in the right spot. As for the offshore question, Capers is a nearshore reef near there that holds fish year round. Plenty of nice sheepshead and seabass there in november along with many other bottom dwellers.


thanks sailfish, is there anything within 10 miles worth trolling for?

Most likely not in November. The species that we generally catch here trolling tend to follow the warm water. In the summertime, plenty of boats fish just a few miles off the beach and catch king mackeral/spanish/sharks/amberjack quite regularly. The water temperature will be drastically lower in November however. If you are set on trolling though, troll over the reefs or just live bait and float them over the reef as you fish out there. You may get lucky, but likely you’ll be fighting off sharks all day. If you just want a good fight, those sharks will give it to you. If you are set on going offshore, your best chance for catching quality fish to eat would be to bottomfish at capers with squid or shrimp or fiddlers or any live bait. Seabass and sheepshead are both good quality fish to eat and fun to catch.


That is if the terrorist will let you keep anything by then!

definately not stuck on trolling. Thanks, I will probably bottom fish the reefs and fish for some reds inside. Is there any bait in the creeks or ICW that time of year?

Possibly yes. It really depends on how cold it gets and how fast as to whether it’ll be easy or difficult to find bait. Reds will hit a variety of the Gulp scented baits though. Go see the guys at Haddrell’s and they’ll hook you up. Once November rolls around, we usually throw mostly artificials for them through the winter. Bait is scarce and the water clears up, easier to fool them with plastics then.


Trout bite should be good, also, but population has taken a hit the past couple winters and DNR is requesting catch and release while the population recovers. Good fun, though! As 23sf said, reds will be on the rampage by then. Sorry for all the troubles up north!

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