Whats In The Box?

This came today.

Everyone except RBF Feel free to join in…

I’ll go with Fava bean plants courtesy of Alfredo…

Go away Shunkey, when people see you have posted they won’t even click in.

Stop mucking up everything, go back to the political cellar and crawl back under your rock.


Well, I guess since anyone is invited to this other thread, I’ll just stop on by and say hey there… :wink:

Since he’s gone I’ll reply. Planted 6 of these two years ago. I’ve got two left and they have been eaten to the ground by deer. I’ve even been putting out deer repellant stuff, but it doesn’t help much.

So how are they doing after a year?

Im not home now, will take some pics when i get back.

They are alive still.

I always guessed the underground railroad heading up to the new England states. Didn’t realise so many routes into the upper midwest.

What takes you into that area? Family or just enjoying sightseeing? Hope you have a safe return trip.

Friends, guns, booze, and music.

I’ll put some pics up later.

Does anyone remember Elk HUNT?
He lived on Daniel Island and rigged cranes for a living. Hes living up here now, plus some kin stuff.

Lunch on the porch now. That treeline in the distance is 1000 ysrds away over that wheat field. Rural Ohio is farm country


A south carolinian moving to Ohio? I thought it was the other way around.

Pretty cool columns and that looks like it could be a deep well pitcher pump? Nice view!

Its a pump that needs new packing, lol.

I told them next trip Id bring the stuff to fix it, and they said it was available right here in town.

Long silence…