When is it too cold for you to fish?

I just have a 18’ CC and I don’t mind mid 50’s with no wind, but that is about it. My wife won’t go unless it’s in the 70’s which I think is crazy. Same with golf. I only golf above 55deg and no wind.
What about you all?
I can’t see myself fishing in the next week or so, but there are usually some nice cool, calm days in December that are perfect. Especially when it’s sunny and 50’s.

i’m sitting here wishing i wasn’t working and fishing every day if there is no wind. plenty of spots near a ramp where i don’t have to even kick up the throttle and get colder with the wind.

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I’ve had some of my best days trolling for trout in January in some back creeks. Yes it slows down, just have to change your strategy. I can’t think of the rascals name, but there is a shark species that shows up in the creeks deeper holes in winter that’s fun to catch. Then there is the Spine Dog fish with no size limit or creel limit. They actually eat good. If you get one, more are around.

Some of my better trout fishing in cold weather was using a live shrimp on a jig head. retrieved very slowly around docs in deep water. Joe’s bait shop headed into Beaufort used to get live shrimp in from Florida in the winter. They are closed now, not sure were you can live shrimp in the winter now. anyone?

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Yep, like Fred, some of my best days have come in the winter when it was sunny and the sky was blue. I do not like the cold as much as I used to but, if I am dressed for it, I don’t mind. I used to kayak fish through the winter.

talking about inshore… January Febuary with a live shiner is a fantastic time to catch largemouth and Jack fish.

I’ll be up at 4;30 tomorrow morning getting ready to fish a tournament on lake Murray. Might be a cold start but the fish will be biting. I’ve fished several days in past years with my line freezing to the guides on my rod. Even fished one largemouth tournament when we had rain, sleet and snow to contend with. We have the advantage of having easy access to water as deep as 100’. Most days we are fishing between 35’ and 60’ deep near the bottom with live bait or spoons.

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Let us know how you do in the tournament? I’ve been waiting on Hartwell to turn over, before hitting the Stripers again.
I enjoy the lack of Moomba’s and Jet Ski’s during the colder months!

And mentioning the sleet. The sound of sleet hitting the water must have an effect on the Hybrid/Striper bite. Most of my best days were when it was way to cold and miserable to be on the lake! :grinning:

We did okay. Finished in 6th place. Caught between 25 and 30 keepers and probably 15 short fish. Just couldn’t get a kicker fish to bite. My hands are still cramping from fighting so many fish. I’m tired, very tired, but it sure was a fun day!!

Thanks for the report!

Has Murray turned over yet?

I’m pretty sure the lake has finished turning over. That lets the stripers roam wherever at this time of year. We covered it lot of water, caught a bunch of stripers, just didn’t get the big bites we wanted. It was still a very fun day on the water.