Where Can I find............Penn Screw??

This is a fancy screw that holds a bolts a bracket onto the bottom of a rod/reel (Penn 320 GT). Somehow I lost one of them so I need a replacement. Does anyone know where/who might have these without having to order one?






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Try Mike down at Haddrells top knotch outfit.

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Penn can’t seem to keep them in stock either.
Always backordered.
A drop of threadlocker will help keep them in place.

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I’m sure that Haddrell’s has them on the shelf.

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without having to order one?

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I know Haddrells would have them but let me know if they don’t and Ill send you a set.

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I have some also.if you can’t find any let me know.i’ll send you a set for free.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the offer. I am up in Columbia and found one at Barron’s. Actually had to buy a “set” for $7 but hey, at least I found them. I’ll put some thread lock on these.

Thanks again.

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Make sure it’s the “removeable” threadlocker.
The kind that is baby blue in color is the easiest to remove.
Use the deep purple stuff and you’ll never get them off again.

Sharky or Nasty Dawg,
I also need to replace some of the nuts and bands on a couple of my 114s. If you have the sets (backing bands and nuts) I’ll gladly pay for them and shipping if you’ll get me the info.
Everyone I’ve checked with on the WWW has the backing band on backorder.

Where is Barrons?
I go to Columbia often so I may be able to look there also.

Thanks guys.

Barron’s Outfitters, on Harden St. Down from 5 Points across the street from Benedict College. Nothing like Haddrell’s or Chas Angler but good guys. It is hunting and fishing.

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i’ll check and see what I have…
rdw i’m in Leesville about 3 blocks from shealy’s bbq.no need to mail anything if I’ve got them.

I have an extra backing band for a penn defiance 45LW not sure if its the same size