Where's the sharks?

I am coming to folly for the weekend and would like to get on some sharks. Where is the best place and what do I need to use? Ive heard you cant fish the pier for them.

PM Stanjwarren

“Good things come to those who bait”

if you can catch a crab or two in the surf or find a couple of live ones… head up to the far end by the lighthouse, toss a quarter of that crab out in the inlet with a big ol triangle sinker and wait 5 mins. Three ft bonnetheads will keep you busy.

Post back… let us know how it went!

Stan will be out of town this weekend but you can just hit the surf. Bring some shrimp to catch bait or hit up a seafood market for whiting or something cheap (but not spot never had anything hit those). Get your bait just past the breakers on an incoming tide the sharks are migrating north right now. Sharpnose are in the surf right now and so are the blacktips. Caught a sand tiger over 6ft on folly and a black tip almost 6ft on IOP last weekend and missed several more. If ya got any questions let me know.

I tried surf fishing down next to the park and had no luck. We couldn’t keep our bait out. It was the incoming tide. Caught a lot of spot, whiting, croaker and black sea bass of a dock near where we stayed. Used them for cut bait. Went out on the pier and it was one after another. My girlfriend’s first fish was a 3 foot atlantic sharpnose. We had a blast. Will be back in about a month and really want to surf fish then. I think I just didn’t have enough weight and had the wront technique. If you guys have any tips please let me know.

Sharkbait…ooh ha ha

Agree with Dilly. Caught a bonnet on north folly on Thursday. Annoying pups everywhere too.

Dilly dally…we’re you at folly Friday? Saw a boat that said dilly dally on it.

Now for the sharks. I fished the backside of folly beach today. Number one…manhadden are EVERY WHERE,! I’d catch some…when I had used them all…threw the net to snag some more. Nice size…school after school of them. Caught 7 nice shark today. Well I say seven…actually six and one that I caught a glimpse of but who got the best of me finally cutting line. I was using a medium action rod with braid…a bottom “redfish” rig…wire type leader 24"long had a weight in the middle …number three circle hook… Nothing heavy at all…gave me a good fight for sure. Caught three sand shark…two bonnet head and a hammer head, Really. 7-10 foot water…incoming tide. Lots more hits that I couldn’t get. Lots of lady fish…tons of whiting but small. Don’t know if they will let you on the folly beach park end…but the channel that runs between there and bird island is a good place to fish. And you don’t have to fish deep…believe me

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Pen, were you on a boat or did you walk around back on the north side?

I was on a. BOat…but the depth I was fishing you could easily toss a hook to. Also…take some balloons with you. I only had two in my tackle box. Tie to the line at depth wanted…lots of fun…and this can float your bait out and around too. Talked to a guy who said they are also catching a lot of them the same way down on the north end of the island towards Morris island. The manhadden schools are coming in close enough you can toss a net from the beach…and the small whiting are thick. I took my whiting I used and sniped a little of his fin off to swim “injured”…can also cut a small lateral line on its side…not too deep…might seem mean…but effective. Good luck to you. None of the sharks caught were super huge…three to four…four and a half feet…bit tons of fun…except for the big stingray…you can tell what those are as soon as your line sucks to the bottom. The hammerhead fought the hardest. I LOVE to catch shark…Donnie and daddy hate me for it. :slight_smile:

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