Which artificials are working?

Artificial bite has shut down for me in the last 2 weeks. Have used paddle tail, jerk shad, trout trick, Ned shrimpZ, topwater and suspended. Different colors. Couple trout bites on PT’s. Fished same areas with live MM’s and very productive, sizable reds. I know live outperforms fake but this?
I kayak fish a creek, know where the fish are and spook them with my lures. First pic is from MM under a cork, kayak. Second is MM, c-rig, off my boat.

From the look of those pics I’d stick with the minner’s…

Jus’ saying…

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pretty nice fish. I don’t usually have luck with plastics either, but when i do it is usually what i call root beer colored with flakes in it. there are different brown shades, but I like those. look at my post from this weekend “flounder on plastics” JumpNCobia hooked me up with a color that worked with his finger mullet mold. It seems to me that a more natural color works better, but i’ve seen my cousin kill them on every color under the sun while i’m not even getting one bite fishing out of the same boat so IDK. there are a few guys on this site i think only use plastics so i’m sure they will have some input too.

Thanks. I prefer arti’s out of the kayak, usually moving and casting. Bait’s fine off the boat. @hammurred, usually have luck with dark in the darker water too. Fished Diezel minnow wright stuff which is like the root beer. Maybe need to put on some procure?

Topwater has been good for trout in N.Edisto, 30 minutes before and after sunrise.


Sometimes it be’s like that… I’ve outfished cut bait with artificial before fishing in the same 20ft span as my friend… we both couldnt believe it but it’s happened

Procure is always, always, always a good idea…

Nice fush too, btw, thanks for the report


Nice reds! Thanks for the info too! An interesting piece of info that I have learned while using LiveScope is the number of fish that just look at the plastic bait I am using. It took several attempts to get a hit and eventually catch a few….this was in freshwater fishing for crappie. But I caught bass, hybrid and crappie doing the same thing. So it will be interesting to see if saltwater fish do the same. I’ll be in the salt this weekend. Fingers crossed!


Update: skunk off the kayak. Root beer and procure.

Spooked a big gator off the bank. :grimacing:
Mud slide mark.

Better watch out!
Or you’ll end up like that boy at bushy park.
He bout got killed by a gator while looking for shark teeth.
Did you hear about that?
He must be one tough little fella.
Think I’m gonna get one of my boys to donate to his hospital bills because he doesn’t have any insurance.

Saw that, guy’s a baller fighting that gator off!

He was very lucky…


Last week VUDU shrimp in a natural/light brown color was working on the trout. Found them stacked and landed about 10 in 45 mins. Few keepers, lotta dinks. Nothing wanted the cut mullet on a c rig I had out… except crabs that is.

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Update: Mulletron!
MM’s are working well rn, but I prefer artificials and try to mix it up. Landed some low slot reds on MM’s. Worked the Mulletron in and was getting bumps. Cast to some larger fish moving in shallows and Mulletron got hit hard.

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