Which kayak to buy?

What is the best Sit-on-Top Kayak for fishing? I have a Mulibu 15’ Extreme. They are a little heavy and expensive. How about the 14’ Tarpon by Widerness? All suggestions are welcome.

The best kayak is the one that’s best for you and the one you’ll use. The canoe and kayak festival is next weekend at JICP. Go try a few.

I’ve fished everything from a 9 foot creek yak to a 17 foot excursion boat. It comes down to tradeoffs for speed, stability, tracking, ease of turning, weight and durability.

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since im new to s.c, and still trying to learn the area, what/where is jicp? is that james island? how do i get there. im living in summerville. thanks

You are correct. James Island County Park. Google it or let me know if you have trouble and I’ll give you directions.

Take Folly to Camp turn right go to the end and turn right on Riverland. The park is about 200 feet up on the left. 15 dollars admission.

I love the Hobie Outback SUV with the turbo kit!! LOVE ITT I have an extra one if you would like to try it out. Call me if you like 270-4210 I have the sail kits as well but never tried

I believe I will buy the Malibu Stealth 14’

I have to second the Hobie mirage’s, though I prefer the Revolutions

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i know you want a sit on top but i bought a perception 12’ back in january with two built in rod holders already in place. price was around $275, but it is a sit in. LOve it! easy to control and alot of space for its price.

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where did you get a 12’ter for $275? I plan on buying one when i get home in July… if you dont mind me asking…