While others r working

Had an early day Friday, got off at 8:00am and straight home to hook up the boat Hi weren’t til 12:22 and hit one of the spots and I thought Optiker came in and out but didn’t speak so I maybe wrong but that seafox looks familiar. Anyway tried a new gig (Fluke w/squid) with a MM on the hook and got quite a few hits and put three Nice Trouts and one red in the boat.

Nice weather on Friday

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nice trout,optiker has a whaler though not a sea fox

Picture of the gig? Nice fish! Was a pretty morning…then got nasty for sure!

miss’n fish’n

Sea Squirt 16

Nice trout!

Semper Fi
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I knew that was you that I passed. I was in the little 17’ with a blonde. Actually picked up a corona bottle with the landing net as I passed by. I’ll be sure to stop and speak a little more next time. Good work on the fish.


No, not me… Saltfisher is right. I’m usually in a little whaler. That sea fox belongs to BOSN. Don’t worry, I’m gonna pester you every time I see you from now on :slight_smile:

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Ok Optiker no problem and NorthChuckTiger you caught me tying up a line just after a huge spottail broke me off (I know fish story). I saw him twice but couldn’t handle him with the tide he was working with. Good fight though.

“Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”

18’ CC SeaFox