While the kids were arguing about politics on a fishing site

I went fishing.

High tide
Stono River
Dirty Water
Copperhead crab
Saw at least 6 tails
Casted at 3
Landed 1
Broke 1 rod tip

Still worth it. That is all. As you were.


Even counting the broken rod it beats my day. I see Connor snagged a couple out of your creek…and managed to land both without a drop.

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Not bad… not bad at all :muscle:

StumpNocker approved :+1:

politics schmolitics

I agree with Dfreedom.

If your boat is clean, we can’t be friends.

23,I love fishing around the waomc,all the way back to the bike trail . Usually fished artificials along the grass and would catch trout and reds.
A little further up river,past the big mud flat, on the right, that little creek produced a lot of sheepshead around the trees.
And then we would ride to ross ,fish there and catch flat fish.
Good times when the weekend warriors aren’t messing the fishing up.

What brand and size trolling motor you running? 24 or 36v? My boat is already prewired and set up with a 24vdc system with charger, but the guy that I’m having install insisted on going with a 36. Said I wouldn’t be happy in hard current and a long day. ? I’m waiting on a Minn Kota Riptide Terrova 112, was told it should be in around Oct.

Nice fish by the way! How skinny can you get in that rascal?

I put my 2 cents in.
112/36 volts. I can run all day with no problems…
I can go against a fairly strong current at at 2.5 mph. That’s in a 22 ft boat.

36 volt minnkota i-pilot, but my boat is 20’. It’ll roll pretty good in current. Ill tell you this though, no one ever said they regretted getting too big of a motor. Go big

That’s some sage advice right there. I got a 115 and wish I had a 150

I have a 150 and wish I had the 200!

The max is the min!

I guess my true draft is about 10-12 inches. Most of the time I’m operating the TM in at least 18-24 inches I would guess, and casting up into shallower areas. Anything shallower than that and you’re muddying up the water.

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