Whistleblower on UFO's

Now called UAP’s Unidentified aerial phenomena. Had a news allert pop up on my phone and caught my eye. This old boy brings a lot to the table on " retrieving non-human origin technical vehicles, call it spacecraft if you will, non-human exotic origin vehicles that have either landed or crashed” Old boy has even state “pilots” have been recovered?

Remember our President when he first took office stating he was going to release information on ufo’s than it went quiet. It would be really neat to know all aspects of this. I kind of put this in the category of Big Foot. With all the camera’s and people around, I think something solid should have been produced by now. Don’t believe in BigFoot and very skeptical about any crafts recovered made by anything other than Earth men and women.

I’ve been to the Nevada Test and Training Range, and saw nothing. Got to see more neat stuff at Edwards AFB. I often wonder if many of the UFO’s are our own military experiments or other Nations experiments.

I’ve read about top secret magnetic levitation capabilities our military has and have always figured these sightings were our own military. but i’ve always wondered about that guy back in the 70’s or 80’s that spoke up and said he worked in Nevada and tried to reverse engineer these crafts. i can’t remember his name, but either he is correct, or the government was seeing who they could trust, or he’s crazy. I don’t know.

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Bob Lazar or Jeremy Corbell??

Joe Rogan has had some dudes on his podcast with a lot of info…like crazy stuff that seems authentic…


I’m on the conspiracy side here, but I believe it this dude is leaking / whistleblowing this highly classified information, it is on purpose. Kind of like seal team six talking about a top secret mission only 4 months after the operation. It was by design.

They do exists, there used to be a show about one until the government banned it

It’s even written up in Wikipedia

never realised that show had so many episodes.

that’s him

Another interesting one…