Have you guys been catching any good size whiting yet especially in the folly?? Planning on coming down down a lil fishing this weekend and hoping to catch one of my favorites(whiting).

I need to try these one day - heard they are good table fare. I catch a few every year when fishing bait for reds, but don’t really know how to target them. Would be interested in your techniques if you are willing to share general knowledge

The spring roe whiting run is over but the whiting are around in good numbers just not size. Mostly mixed sizes instead of the 10 and up class like in the is the spring run. Surprisingly this year the spot seem to be back in decent numbers. They’re still handsize for the most part though. The whiting guys that fish the kitchen have not been out there like they were so i assume the bite is not what is was a month ago.

Fish the channel close to the inlet and you as re guaranteed whiting.

Yeah I usually find them in a deep creek and I also find them in the shallows near a dropoff. Usually catch a few it is more likely more in that area.

Caught some smaller ones in Whale Branch. No major size.

Downbythereiver, yes they are very good table fair. On the smaller ones I like to scale and fry whole.