Who likes the two for a dollar lance salted peanuts?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve come to the conclusion this is the end of an era. I can find them in no gas stations. I loved to keep a few packs hidden away on the truck for that emergency snack along with some Vienna’s. I did see a bigger pack coming in at 600 calories for $1.49 Of course they say 200 calories per serving, but then when you look a little more, there are 3 servings. We all know once you open the pack you got to eat em all.

I do! Especially the spicy ones! I haven’t actually bought any in a while, but I believe they are still in the convenience stores around here (Upstate).

The wife loves the dill pickle ones, when you could find them. I fill up every other day and have been trying new stations on purpose. Even asked some of the cashiers. No go. Google/bing Searched it but could find nothing on it.

This is what I get…………….,

Here’s another one, I just tell the old lady to get em,didn’t realize the price had went up so much.

That’s a deal!! Thanks for posting that. I’m going with the lance, i like those better.