Who wants/ can help me with a huge fishing favor?!

So here is my dilemma. I live on James island and my backyard backs to a river. if i am not in my kayak fishing, then i am out on the beach surf fishing.

i am curious to find out if anyone is looking to sell/ trade or just get rid of some of your older rod and reels, I currently have 6 setups that i use for red fish and trout when fishing out of my kayak. In all honestly, my budget has been rather tight recently which has prevented me from upgrading my gear.

So long story short, if any one has rod and or reels that you no longer use, It would mean a ton to me if you could let me know. Obviously I am looking for some older penn gear maybe or any thing else that is in good working condition that is good for reds and trout.

Thank you a ton