Who's going Saturday or Sunday

Season is coming to the end… who will be out there?

Can’t decide with that north wind… Just makes me nervous

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Im goin…in a sportie…gonna troll around the break…and hope it dies down later on to bottom fish. Got no choice…Cant go Sunday. Last chance for awhile.

I thought next weekend is the last weekend!?!?!? No?

Going Sunday

Going sundayy

Sunday looks nice.t

Anyone getting their teeth knocked in today?

canceled today but we are going early sunday morning. Troll in am and bottom fish the afternoon


We went…fishing sucked top was slow, bottom was scattered…this is something my captain needs to work on.no offense buddy…he drove that 27footer with new to him twin 225 like a champion … I am sore and disappointed though. It did lay down some though after lunch. We burnt 150gals and only saw 140feet… is this what people normally burn with 2000 2strokes at 4000or less

That sure is a lot of engines om the back of a boat. 2000 2strokes

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Originally posted by Hurricane701

That sure is a lot of engines om the back of a boat. 2000 2strokes


“mr keys”

I can run out of Charleston to 1000ft. Troll all day and use 100 gals. Or less depending on the conditions. I only have two engines.

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