Wife out fished me again!


Are you on again???

Wife and I went fishing last Monday after the fourth. We had a fish fry on Sunday and she had the day off Monday so we got around fairly early and gave it a go.
It was a super still day. Fishing wasn’t great but we caught the inshore slam. I say we…… my only targeted species was the flounder which didn’t make the video.

We were throwing soft plastics on medium/extra fast G Loomis rods. I had us rigged weedless with a 1/4 oz bullet weight and a worm hook. I was throwing mostly anything purple in a slim swim. Her rod was still rigged with about a 4 inch “pearl” zmann “twister tail” style grub from when she fished with me last fall catching a bunch of trout on the flats.
I’m amazed at how long a zmann bait will last but those pesky pin fish eventually destroyed hers and I didn’t have another one on the boat.

A lot of boat traffic out there even though the parking lot at Garris landing looked about like it should for a Monday.
Looked like a bunch of captains out with clients and pleasure boats from IOP I guess.
We were fishing Price Creek but made a move over to Bull Island to escape the calamity of all the traffic along with those stupid jet skis.

Smack talking with the wife is only fun until you fall three fish back with time running out……

We ended up beaching on the north end of Bull Island around noon for lunch.

Im sure in a few months I’ll look back at it as a fond memory. For now it still stings :nerd_face:

Video is posted at the top as per usual for those interested.

Kerry Browning

About 90% of the time the wife usually puts a whooping on me…

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

So everyone is hiding in the cooking section now? LOL …oops…:astonished:

That’ll happen from time to time. My wife has the flounder record on the boat too, she doesn’t mind reminding me of that either. I chalk it all up to good training:sunglasses:

“yes, I have the camera on!”-- that made me LOL literally, good stuff man

Fishing Nerd

“No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool… nothing else.”

…well, some fishing too!

[quote]So everyone is hiding in the cooking section now? LOL …oops…:astonished:

Hahaha! Total mistake! If I could learn how to post a pick I’d be on the Glamour Page!

I guess it’s appropriate though - she did “eat my lunch”

I wish Penny would start posting her culinary creations again on this forum… They were great as well as runbabyrun/Pete’s…

Also really enjoyed back in the day when Penny would post picks about Wappoo Cut boat ramp… I recall there was a whole group of CFC members that went there on Sunday’s just to watch, drink beer, and eat…


wow! she put on a show!
fishing the outgoing?

Yeah, outgoing and slack. Not the best situation. We got tired of the boat traffic and ran to Bull Island through the Narrows at low tide. When you’re on plane in as little as 1.6 foot of water I seriously recommend turning off the depth finder.