Wife says this isn't funny?

Guy in Bar Harbor Maine, calls the cops to report his wife missing. Says she went Kayaking in the harbor and didn’t return! Cops start a big search and call him the next day, saying they found the overturned Kayak, but no sign of the wife! The next day they call and tell him they have Bad News, Good News and Better News! The Bad News is, they found the wife on the harbor bottom, drowned. The man asks what’s the Good News. Cop tells him that when they pulled her up, she had 12 of the finest Maine Lobsters that anyone can remember seeing since the 60"s clinging to her and the Fire Department thought he might want a share of them! The man asks what’s the Better news and the cop tells him they are going to pull her up again tomorrow!

I laughed when I read it!:smiley:

That’s disturbingly hilarious.

now that just made my day…

haha i just laughed out loud in my office…now people are staring at me…

If I’m posting, its because I’m sitting here at work, dreaming about fishing.

LMAO…So glad I read this on my anniversary…can’t wait to tell the wife over dinner.