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my computer (and hence the router) are in the front of the house…bought this extender https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004YAYM06/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and put it in the kitchen window wall outlet on the back side of the house. thinking it would extend enough to the back deck and yard so we could get a signal…well it doesn’t…good thing only paid $40 for it…what do you guys use to provide wifi outside the shell of your home…thanks in advance…

EDIT: house is approx 1,300 SQ FT…

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Is your router older? If so newer routers can typically reach farther than older ones.
Our router is in the back corner of my house & my house sits in the middle of 2 acres of yard. When I cut grass I only loose signal in a couple spots in the far corners of my yard.
Also keep in mind the more walls, furniture, & other objects the signal has in its path will shorten its distance.

Use to have our router in the basment office of our 3 story house and was advied to move it to the middle floor, and it sure made a big diferance!

Peapod says, “who cares”, he’s never going to get to use your wifi while sitting on your deck anyway.

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Think of any radio waves as if the antenna is a light. If you cannot “see” it, you won’t be able to get a signal. Most of the radio waves will go through sheet rock and wood, but the aluminum on the fiberglass insulation and the wiring of the house will “blur” the “light.” If the house is constructed with metal (steel studs) it will be difficult to see the signal too.
Try using an extension cord and put the extender in the window and see if it carries the signal outside.

i went with Velop from Best buy, it’s a signal replicator not an extender

quite easy to set up the base unit and each additional unit

Pioneer 197SF

Google WiFi, buy the 3 pack. Creates a mesh type network. They talk through each other extending the range. You can also hop from one to the other seamlessly. Much more reliable than extenders.
Place one by the window if the signal cannot get through siding.


I finally got a Nighthawk router after buying cheap ones and it works great even through brick walls. I can get wifi into my shop in the back yard and stream movies and all. Funny thing is my Ring doorbells that were 10’ away from the router wouldn’t work without installing the Ring wifi extenders. It’s almost like some products work and some are meant not to work unless you buy additional crap for them.

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You gave me your password

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Your neighbor’s wifi reaches the front of the house. You want their PW?