wild game dinner

My buddy and I went to a wild game dinner put on by Heathwood Hall school and partly sponsored by Dick Dyer Volvo whom I am associated with as their driver co-ordinator. anyway. this was at a hunt club out off of Bluff rd. past the waste plant.
i started off with a bowl of turtle stew which was delicious. (2 bowls) then frog legs;bbq quail; bacon wrapped dove;country fried venison;smoked venison; venison sausage;bacon wrapped duck;shrimp and grits;rabbit/yellow rice;chili;bbq pork;catfish stew; then we had a boat load of beer. when i say a boat load i literally mean a BOATLOAD. there was a 14 foot jon boat full of iced down beer of all kinds.( I only had 3). this was a fund raiser with silent auction and loads of fun on the outside. probably 100 or so people attended. will be glad when they have another. great job to the people who organized this. hope they raised a lot of dollars.