Wild Mushrooms...

Picked a bunch of Chanterelles this morning. :smiley:

Found a small patch on the edge of my yard, and followed it back into the woods, where I found a bunch more that will be ready to pick in a week or so. Took this batch to a friend who cans them.

we haven’t gotten quite enough rain on JI to get a good flush yet this year. i picked a meal worth yesterday and was hoping the 1" of predicted rain would pan out… not so much.

tell me more about canning them… i’ve read that they can be dried and powdered, but have heard some folks keep them in liquid too.

i’ve also been told that pulling the “roots” disturbs the mycelial colony much more than cutting at the base with scissors

I did some mushrooms back in the sixties,you guys are crazier than I thought.

Yes, I know, but half of these grew where I have to mow…been letting them grow up and not mowing that area. Planning to cut/snip the others that aren’t growing in my yard, after they get bigger.

I have never canned them. Mentioned I found a bunch to a friend, and he said he would can some for me to try. If I like them I’ll get him to show me how he does them though.

Did you take a trip and never leave the farm???

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

I picked up a book a couple of years ago on wild mushrooms, I’m still too nervous to trust myself. After canning what you gonna use em for? Butter in a pan and on a good steak? Probably be good in an omelet.

You got your Girl hunting and now cooking! That catfish looked delicious. Never did it with corn flakes. Is it like a panko style breading?

Can them for later use, since you can harvest more than you could eat in a short time. She’s driving too, backs the boat in & parks the truck for me as well…:smiley:

The corn flakes fry harder than panko. You have to grind the flakes in a food processor until almost a powder, or the bigger pieces tend to burn.

Protecting your fishing holes can’t compare to protecting your spring morel spots in Missouri!

You’d drive out of town one way and circle back to where you know they will be. Never use the same route twice. Makes “Breaking Bad” look like a kiddie show.

Man, if you’ve never had a morel lightly floured / with plain salt and pepper and gently set in a cast iron skillet with a half inch of oil - you haven’t lived a full life.
But, you can totally redeem yourself by eating that steak at Opals in Mt Pleasant. Could be my two favorite things.

These are some pics of a log I inoculated with Shitake mushroom spoors a few years ago. It flushes on a regular basis (sometimes). I grow chantrelles out of bags of straw sometimes too, its pretty easy really. I used to see a ton of chicken of the wood mushrooms this time of year around Charleston too, look for orang on the older diseased and dying live oaks for those. I know stuff.

Anybody know this guy?

I know someone that grows his own Shitake Mushrooms, never tried doing that myself. I’ll have a bunch more of the Chanterelles soon, after all this rain.

About 3" tall, won’t be long now.

Waking up an older thread.

Some mushrooms my daughter harvested, a few days ago.