Wild Shrooms

Are these false Chanterelles??


Anyone know what this one is??

Never paid much mind to these before, but than other Mushroom thread has me interested…


Man, you guys that pick fungi to eat in the wild have balz. I love mushrooms but, the only ones I know for sure that are safe are wrapped in plastic at Publix.

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DoubleN, if you have a facebook account, they have a couple of Mushroom groups. They usually ask for very detailed pics and will get you an answer. I’m kind of like DFreedom on the wild ones. Scared to take the “plunge”. Over the past two years I’ve seen all manner of mushrooms since I’ve been sort of paying attention to them.

That said I aint go a clue what kind of mushroom that is.

I’m in the process of learning too. I don’t have the guts to eat any of them yet, but education never hurt anyone.

I feel good about identifying chicken of the woods and lions mane, but those are easier than most!

Ditto what you said 23. Those you mentioned seem to be pretty obvious.

Just ordered a book from Amazon. 5 stars over 5400 reviews, so that makes it safe, lol.

Yep, a book, lol. I’m an old rookie at this…