Will it go much farther?

Almost half a million miles. What ya got?

Old F-250, 7.3, Super duty.

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That is awesome. If it’s still running, keep driving it.

oh yes…
I had a F-350 that had 750,000 miles on it when I sold it. Run like a champ
But I did have to replace the transmission twice.

God Speed. I hope to get at least half that out of my first diesel.

Gonna see if it will roll over?

Tranny replaced at 460,000

They don’t make 'em like they used to!

:grinning: ten character rule :grinning:

Dang it!! I love this!! Run it!!! I remember the time when we asked each other … How many miles, … Got 80,000… Really! Wow, when ya gonna rebuild it?

Times have changed for sure. What I attribute long life in engines… Toyota/ Honda. All American made engines in the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s 100,000 miles was the ultimate in longevity before a rebuild. Along comes Honda, Toyota, and Nissan… 250,000 miles was no major accomplishment on a semi regular serviced engine. Made American motors step up.

I can attest to several Honda civics with 300,000 + miles on them with no major repairs. Also some 22R / 22RE Toyota engines beat to Heck and back still running.

Nice thread!

Nice thread indeed, I will have to defend what the magazine Popular Mechanics more than once labeled “best powertrain ever” in the 70-80’s, Chevy 350 engine with the 400 tranny.

I bought 2 new Chevy conversion vans with 350’s and 400 trannys, 84 had 333,000 still running good, no engine problems, just the usual maintenance repairs, one radiator, one starter, 1 tranny.

91 had 330,000 not running perfectly, 1 tranny, ball joints, but still worked for a carpet cleaner truck for another year or two.

The ole Ford vs. Chevy battle pretty much stopped with Toyota taking over, shame too, Japan took over the market.

While on this note, I have had pretty bad service with my wife’s 2 Mercedes, tranny and AC especially, plus the so called nickel and dime stuff, with Mercedes it’s a thousand, like boats.