Wimbee Creek

Anybody ever done any striper fishing in wimbee Creek. I talked to an older fella sometime ago & he said he used to slay them there. I’ve never fished for them but would love to give it a try.

Has anyone even ever caught a striper in Wimbee Creek?

I did a search on here and no mention of stripers there. But give it a try, you may find your own private honey hole. Willy knows salt water stripers pretty good. Maybe he will answer you.

sharkayak,unfortunately i cant answer your question.i have no knowledge of wimbee creek.i can tell you that if this creek leads into fresh water…thats where the stripers would be right now.when the water temps drop in november you might find them in the brackish/salt areas until mid march.if the old timer says they were there…chances are they were.

there is a small number of folks around here that target stripers in the wintertime in the brackish/salt water.check with a guide that works that area.he can tell you.hope this helps.

gots to get out for some trout

The rockfish in the Combahee now are so far up the river that they are in the Salkehatchie and the Little Sakehatchie but they will be back around the Wimbee this winter.