Wind forecast app

I use the free part of fishweather and sailflow but i don’t feel i get much info. Obviously they want you to pay and i get that. However, does anyone have a free app that shows wind wave forecasts in harbor or reefs etc…? I guess i could just man up and pay a little too so if you really like a specific app even if you pay $5/month or whatever let me know.

I thought this place used to have this… Let me look.

Windfinder plus. Its about 25 bucks a year.

Are there any buoys that have weather detectors on them? Back in the Chesapeake Bay they had one at Thomas Point Light that would get you fairly accurate wind although there’s some lag time

Charleston SE Buoy, NOAA buoy 41 NM SE of Charleston.

Wind, wave height, period, water temp, etc. Very useful for offshore conditions.

Capers and Fripp nearshore do not have wave info but do have wind and temps.

Windfinder has specific forecasts for these locations.

capers, CHS60, and the Edisto buoy currently have wave data

I access them through there or Sailflow

This one has been around a long time but is less user friendly

while we’re on free data, tides and currents can tell you a lot more than the generic tide predictors, such as our tides have been running almost a foot higher than they should be in the harbor lately

and USGS gauges give real-time inshore temps, river heights, etc

We provide wind & wave prediction on this website under the weather section for 15 & 50 miles offshore, and for any reef location in SC. It’s far more accurate than the NOAA one because it’s customized for our location:

Or drill down to any reef location and you’ll get a forecast for that location:

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Cool, didn’t know about this. Will be helpful.

Thanks for that snickers.
thanks for all the good info ya’ll.

Thought it was here.