Winds and waves

Still pretty new to the offshore game, forcast says 8-12 ENE and 4ft at 9 seconds. Go or no go?

ENE is the part that makes it rough. NE is always nasty.

I always try to avoid north east. It nearly always ends up much nastier than the forecast.

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What boat?


I run a 25’ Key West w/twins. SW winds under 2 1/2 9 or more sec. make for decent ride off shore. Over that is a wet and choppy ride. Coming home in the afternoon will usually pick up to 3 ft when you get about 12 miles from land. Best cure for a choppy ride is a bean bag chair, great. comfort ride.

Follow up question, which is worse, straight N wind or straight E wind

Depends on wave direction and wind speed as to which would be worse.
To just say “A north wind is worse” would be a seriously misleading statement.
Lots of our wave action is from the South, so a North wind above 12knots could make it a miserable ride.
If you’re new, I would suggest studying as many wind/wave sites as you can and compare them to what the 41004 bouy is actually seeing.
After a while you will see a pattern develop.

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Also depends on your port.