Windy and rough Saturday

Hit the landing knowing it was close to low tide but knew I had a window of about 45 mins before it was too late. Guess no one warn another fisherman that those 20’+ boats may not make it even putting in. But I had him throw me a rope and I pull him to deeper waters (3’-) and wished him luck and off I went. The wind was Hi and the water was close to white capping and rough. Made it to my area and after a few cast caught my first healthy trout of the year and missed a few more. Slowly but surely coming up river

continued on in my Creek and was doing nothing for awhile but managed several reds to include one that was tagged. Now I’ve put down the artificial and now working MM trying to get a flounder

to jump start my slam and managed to get a 13.5 incher as the rain came in and getting hit with what felt like pellets all the way back to the landing but had a good day. All tagged or released

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18’ CC SeaFox

Well done as usual, sir. And even better on you for helping out a stranger in need.

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Good going. Yes, I have been at the Landing when someone pulled up with a huge Cigarette boat, had to be at least 30ft or more, well its dead low tide and I try to explain that they would not be able to put a boat that size in. They looked at me dumb founded and said " well we put in here last week" had no clue about the Tides. I just walked away and smiled. Some people really need to take some sort of Boating courses before they buy a boat. The Coast Guard Aux. has great classes and they are not to expensive.

At least you got out there! Thanks for the report

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Nice work on the releases!