Windy, but not skunked - Youngen Style Charters

Buddy wanted to take us out on his new boat and catch sharks. Wind, rain, or shine my youngen is game now that Turkey season is over for us. They caught enough to keep then entertained but the wind kept moving the boat around so much that the sharks would come to a cold trail after looking for the bait since the bait would get repositioned 40 foot away at times due to boat swing. A few break offs and a few decent hammerheads were hitting the big baits but dropping it before hooksets.

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Seems like your buddy would have had a couple cinder blocks to keep the boat from moving.Must be kinda green.Y’all are some brave souls to go out today!

One anchor rope is a task when the big boys start running under the boat, around the anchor lines, over the anchor lines around the boat, etc. let alone 2 anchors, which he had, but i told him no for the listed reason. Sometimes we have to cut the rope loose from the cleat and chase ol’ jaws but we usually manage. The wind just kept flip flopping all day when it was claimed to just “switch” 45° and maintain that direction. Still a wonderful day to keep working on my “Crocitus”
The circle tan dots on the tops of your feet that is exposed when wearing crocs you know.


Crocks are legit. looks like ya’ll did well in this wind man your braver than me. Wish i could get my daughter more into fishing. Glad you had a good day!

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Was thinking about going. but wimped out.
I get some pretty wild patterns on the top of my feet.
Looks like y’all had a good time though.