Windy day on the Ashley

Yesterday was the windiest day I’ve tried to fish this year. It was wild and I couldn’t find anywhere to get out of it. Fought through it and caught just a few. Ended up with 1 trout and 4 catfish. All were caught on live shrimp either carolina rigged or on jig head.
The wind made it impossible to control a cork or artificials, so I just sank everything down.

On a side note, do you guys really catch fish with mud minnows? I had a few on the boat and, like every time I’ve fished with them, not even a bite. I know that fish will bite them, but I feel jinxed with them. For me they always fall behind live shrimp, dead shrimp, artificials, cut bait, live menhaden, empty hooks… Don’t know why I can’t catch fish with them. Maybe if I found a good flounder spot and put one on a bucktail jig?

I’ve found mud minnows to work well under a cork for small reds around docks etc… Really cant beat a shrimp… everything loves shrimp…

Dead of winter mud minnows work for me and also in bass ponds.

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Dead of winter mud minnows work for me and also in bass ponds.

On white bread.

Crossing the ICW in a kayak was probably a poor choice I made yesterday

You made it on your own, that’s skill!

Catfish love mud minnows! But yeah otherwise only once it’s cold or if I’m fishing flounder and can’t find finger mullet.

I use mud minnows when looking for flounder. generally speaking, nothing beats live shrimp. and i would rather have finger mullet than a mud minnow.

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