Windy weekend Slam

Saturday morning ran out late with tide topping off ready to turn. Started slow and windy the entire time in Goose Creek But Managed this Tagged Bigboy that held the heat on trying to get away

Then managed a trout and Dink flounder. Trout bite is the best I’ve had in quite awhile. Had to give it up and run back in before low tide with the Viper

Sunday morning at it again with higher winds but the Viper handle well in somewhat rough waters. Hit the House today with tide still coming in and fished all side creeks and managed nice trouts, Reds and a dink flounder again. Came in 11:30 or so but had a good weekend.

The Trout bite is awesome thus far 6" swim mullet (white). All swam away wanted steak for dinner

6in swim baits!?! Opt runs those at the jetties! Man you are doing the dang thing! Well done, sir!:sunglasses::+1:

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…well, some fishing too!

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6" swimbaits…That’s what i’m talkin about!!!

Good stuff, FR! Thanks for sharing.

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That’s some beautiful color on the second pic trout. Nice job! Steak… Pan fried trout… I’ll take the Flounder fried whole. :smiley:

I have run a 22’ Sea Fox for the last 5 years. Been pleased with her. glad to see you’re getting some fish goo on your new boat. Have you got a trolling motor for her yet ?
Always enjoy your posts. keep them coming.

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