Winter tailers

The fish were on the wind blown bank and feeding on the tiny ghost shrimp.

Live target makes a nice mini shrimp that would be a good artificial to use…

Fish on

Pretty cool

Capt. Jeremiah
Southern Slam Fishing Charters

2018 Sea Hunt BX 22 BR

Need polorized lenses on the camera!

It was with my cell phone unzoomed, I was very very close to it when I took the picture. I could of got better pictures but I had to grab my phone and by then they clouded the water up. One of them had its entire back out down to its eyeballs and I thought man I got to get a picture but he moved out a little deeper before I could.

What’s a ghost shrimp there bait master?

The question is did you have a tiny LiveTarget shrimp ???

I know that spot; those fish are finicky…

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Bet the Vudu Baby Shrimp would be a great match the hatch.

Looks like a skate in that last pic. :smiley: