Winyah and Cowpen

I took out my shrimp poles yesterday. The tags on them said 2014. So it’s been a while since I’ve been shrimping. I always went to Winyah bay and did what I considered OK. Coolered out a few times. and sometimes we didn’t. Probably going to Cowpen Wednesday. I’ve never shrimped at Cowpen or Bullsbay. We’re coming from Florence and will put in at south island ferry and run down the waterway. Would you think we may fair ok at cowpen or should we go to Bulls Bay?

I shrimped in the Cowpens area on Monday. I had done pretty well there in the past but this year seems to be different for some reason. There are shrimp around but they are not moving into shallow enough water for baiting. I tried poles in 8.5 feet to 2.5 feet and only caught ONE shrimp. I pulled the poles and got out the deep hole net. I found the shrimp with the depth finder in 12 to 14 feet of water. Managed to get a little over 1/2 limit of nice shrimp.