Work ethic

People never cease to amaze me…
We usually work 5 -11 hour days. They don’t like us working on weekends here. We all are working this weekend to finish up the building. They have people moving back in Monday morning.
I have three guys that are always whining about wanting more hours.
Guess what 3 guys did not show up yesterday or today for work…
I wonder who is going to need a new job Monday morning???

I came in early this morning to make my punch list. About 4 MI from a job I see one of my guys walking down the road.
He did not have a ride to work this morning. He’s been getting dropped off at 06 every morning by a neighbor. Then in the evening walks about a mile down the road to a restaurant and gets a ride home at 9. He never told anyone or asked for a ride. Man I feel bad. The kids has been doing this for about 3 months since he’s worked with us
I will be picking him up and taking him home from now on. Damnn good kid hard work…

“Work ethic” seems to be a foreign concept to so many folks today. My son is an ER nurse and he is supposed to work 12 hour shifts. He rarely leaves work on time, staying an additional hour or more to continue working with a patient, etc… He said he has been asked several times by others, “why are you still here, your shift is over”. I told him to say, “if I have to explain it, you probably wouldn’t understand”.

I see it at my job, you can quickly tell who is invested and who is simply not willing to do anymore than they need to.

Hang on to that guy that has been walking to work, he is a keeper.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

With no Exception, Everyone I deal with on a business level has these same issues. Like a broken record, I blame our Government, participation trophies and entitlement.

I agree 100% with what you guys are saying but keep in mind it goes both ways. Often businesses play a part in the way employees work by not weeding out the bad apples. They seem to reward lazy workers by letting them get away with it & then pushing their work off onto the go-getter employees. I have seen it happen many times & my wife is dealing with it at her job.
That said, our youths work ethic is ridiculous. They can’t seem to do without someone holding their hand & cannot for the life of them critical think.

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Add to this the ever present 24/7 just can not live with out handling a phone every 10 minuets. I understand in today’s ever changing work environment phones have become a necessity, but social media and personal texts have no place while working. I’ve actually been talking about a current job and have a person completely ignore me to respond to a personal text or such. Log onto messenger and look at all those that don’t hide being on-line while working. I’ll speculate conservatively that Phone Use has cut work production in many areas as much as 30 %.

Amen on that phone crap Fred. Some people seem to be absolutely addicted to their phones. Having 2 sons that played multiple sports, we attended many games over the years. It always amazed me at the people that would spend the entire game on their phones, even when their kids were on the field and would then ask, “what happened”? or “what did I miss”? I’m not a technophobe, part of my job involves technology but, I sure would not miss the loss of cellphones.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

We’re pretty much work 11 and 12 hour days. We take 30 minutes for lunch and no official brakes. If you thirsty you get water, you got to go to the bathroom . You go to the bathroom .You may have been hired as a carpenter. But you may occasionally be asked to demo something, hang sheetrock. Whatever The building we just finished is 4 stories. Had to demo the concrete on the 2nd 3rd and 4th floors. 3600 sq ft.15 guys completely demoed and cleaned up in 3 days. Around 30 tons. 3 guys inline with 60 lb Jack hammers. First day me and being one of them all day. Cell phones they don’t play on their phones on my job… I am very Hands-On and I push my guys very very hard… I am damnn near twice everyone’s age out here. They can’t stand to let me show them up.
They are paid well I try to look out for my guys.
Oh yeah and the three that did not show up this weekend. Work them till 12 yesterday then fire them…

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

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Good job OTC. If only every company would get rid of the dead weight & looked out for the hard workers. Of course the Dems would still want to baby the dead weight.
My company has a high turn over because they don’t want to spend what it takes to get good help. I have been there a long time so I got in before the company greed stated.

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It’s become apparent to me.

OTC needs sensitivity training. Which is now offered, and forced upon the employees of many companies. As well as many more classes for those working for companies that are largely run by Democrat CEO’s.

You go OTC. Well done!


OTC would probably handle it worse than I did a few years ago when I was forced to attend a 3 week supervisor flagship course in Charlotte. It was absolutely idiocy. Instead of writing or disciplining a worker for being late, they want you to take them aside and figure out what I can do to better make them arrive on time. I was not allowed to fire anyone unless I had a mile long paper trail on their poor work performance. I had two employees get in a fight. I sent them both home and told the one that started it he was fired. He contacted HR and then they called me and told me I had no right to fire him… Do you have other instances? I made a mile long paper trail and gave it to HR. He got fired. My final issue with that company was when the vp told me I needed to take off the flag on my uniform shirt because it might seem offensive to some. I flipped out and went to the owner and keep my flag.

They say in end of times Good will be portrayed as Evil and Evil as Good. Watching the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and the left in General, I see it.

Thank goodness the closest thing we ever had to HR was a secretary named Helen. She was an army brat. She married at 17 a week before her new husband went in the Air Force. 30 years as a Air Force wife her husband retired as a full bird colonel. No BS with Miss Helen…
We were a roofing company before we morphed into reconstruction.
We would pick up day laborers off the corner. They would be anything from junkies too fugitives pretty interesting crowd…
Roofing the Holiday inn downtown in Myrtle Beach years ago. I fired a guy. He insisted I take him back to where I picked him up. He got to the ground and started sling tools around and throwing stuff at the dump truck. I come down the ladder grab a shovel chased him across the parking lot and across the street into family Kingdom. The amusement park.
He called the cops. Police officer come. asked him did he hit you with the shovel. He said no. He could not catch me. The officer said fine I suggest you get off the property like the man said. I am sure
Nowadays that would have been all over YouTube… I’m sure it would have been hilarious to see that on video

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

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I’m sure this isn’t a popular opinion with a lot of people, but the problem with most men today is that they’ve never had their butt kicked. Unless you’ve experienced that humility directly, its tough to develop the character of what I would call a real man.

Participation trophies are ruining this country.

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Rmaol… I knew I liked you! I know a lot I’d like the opportunity to see who was the better man, but then you’d have to be worried about the lawsuit afterwards. Sports are designed to make people strive to win, where is the push if you know no matter what you are going to get a trophy?

The pussification of America. Wonder if that’s a real word. But anyway here is a perfect example…

It’s obvious that ever generation is getting softer and softer.
I know this ain’t exactly what was being referred to.
But my granddaddy was a mean sob. And a very big man my dad and uncles all of them well over 6 foot pushing 300 pounds… my granddaddy would backhand the s#!t out of you in a heartbeat. Knocked me for a loop a few times… I can imagine the whoopins my dad must have taken.
We were at a vets club function. A bunch of us kids were playing soccer. I was probably around 10.This bigger kid was picking on me and pushing me around. I come out of the game and said I was not playing anymore cuz this kid keeps picking on me…
My dad told me quit acting like a little pansy. You need to learn the stand up and fight your own battles. Get your a$$ back in there. If he pushes you down you push him back.
I got the ball this kid knocked me on my a$$. I come up swinging. He got the best of me but I bloodied his nose before they broke us up. I looked around my dad still sitting at the picnic table. Can see it like yesterday. Him sitting there nodding his head with a little half-a$$ smile on his face…

And I’m here to tell you I have taken an a$$ whoopen a time or 2 in my life. Have the scars and the fake teeth to prove it.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

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