Working Girl 7/5

Was looking forward to a fun trip Sunday. Not only did I get my old man on the boat, also had the the wife, adam, and the other big boss. After doing the post 4th of July boat shuffle at 0’dark thirty, we arrived at shem, with all the intentions of a great day. Lines were in at the outcrop by 7:30. Picked-up eight fish; three small dolphin, one king, and 4 others. As always, just as we were getting ready to move on at 11, a bill came up on the way back. After wasting another hour with nothing we headed back in and south. Water wasn’t very pretty yesterday, some sea weed, not a lot of bait. Thank God for AC. Who cares about the fish…the wife had fun and I got a two hour nap on the way in.

I intentionally tangled all the lines in an effort to get Aberdeen Marine up and running. In my defense, seven lines is plenty for me but the guy that can’t sit still just had to put 11 out. At least it was the largest barracuda i’ve ever seen that did it.

Wish I had a pic of that fish four feet in front of me.It would have been a Trident winner for sure.Aberdeen Marine is up and running after that trip.Building some new spreader bars right after this beer.

If you dont have something nice to say,dont say it at all.

Did we all not learn that in kindergarden?