Worn out bait?

During the covid lockdown, I was having trouble finding Berkly Gulp bait. I had a chance to snag three of those squat bottles of new penny shrimp. I have used up two bottles and have started on the last. I went out Monday to a spot that ALWAYS produces Red fish. I couldn’t buy a bite. The fish just refused to touch the stuff.

Big question, does that stuff wear out? The juice does look a little darker than I remember. Before I throw the stuff away, I would like to prevail on the CF store house of knowledge about old Gulp shrimp. Did I just have a bad day or was I using “bad” bait?

Thank ya’ll

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I’ve got the little jug that has the bait and the liquid. It’s a couple years old I just keep adding bait to it. Seems to work just as good as ever.

Probably just one of those days. I think that stuff lasts practically forever, you can take a gulp thats been left out shriveled up and looking like a raisin, throw it in the juice and a it will soak it up and come back to size and shape good enough to use again.

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Thanks, ya’ll. I won’t throw it out.

OTC, that’s interesting about putting a dried-up shrimp in the juice and letting it soak. That trick could open up a lot of possibilities.

As mentioned, don’t judge it from one outing. I have done what OTC mentioned. It’s like adding water to a wilting plant.

Good luck