Wreaths across America

Funny how things happen sometimes. The wife and I were talking about wreaths across America on the way to Greenville Monday. Stopped to get gas and look what we come across.

We’re going to go to Buford this year to put out wreaths. We usually go to the memorial gardens in North Myrtle. But 5 of the grandchildren(5 are old enough to understand) are going to go with us this year… Are oldest grandson usually goes to all the veterans Day, memorial Day and Christmas ceremonies with us.
He gets it. When he places a wreath or a flag on the grave to step back comes to attention, reads out their name and then bows his head so the short prayer.
I get choked up watching him…

Thanks for posting this. Its a powerful thing. If you’ve never experienced it, you won’t get it. Every American should do it at least once. Dad is buried at Beaufort. Mom will be there this year, like every year, to ensure he gets a wreath and a flag. And when she’s gone, she’ll be buried next to him there.

Katie and I went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on President’s Day a few years back. That is a very special place too.

On a another note, the freedoms that we have is this country that make it incredible are also the freedoms that can make it a dark place too. If people would stop over analyzing every minute detail and being overly sensitive for no gain and just look at people’s intentions, the world would be a much better place.


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Anywhere these deviants find a niche in our armor they burrow in. Carpet Bombing? Could you imagine if the true hero’s laid to rest where to come back to the increasing nonsense caused by the liberals of today, our open borders, and the Liberal Judges allowing criminals to go free to commit more murder and mayhem? \

God Bless all our Fallen Heroes and founders of this Great Nation. May She forever survive.

OTC = Good Grandpa.

Keep up the good work, OTC. Need the following generations to understand history.

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Wreaths Across America is a pretty cool. I’ve seen their work at Ft. Jackson National Cemetery. My Dad is buried at Arlington so I really appreciate this organization and their recognition of those that served their country.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Wow!!! I didn’t realize Buford cemetery was so big. Over 18,500 Graves.

I was a little kid we went to Arlington cemetery and the tomb of the unknown soldier don’t really remember a whole lot.
I always go to Jacksonville October 23rd for the ceremonies honoring the Marines that were killed in Beirut…
I think I’m going to go to Arlington this coming year for the ceremonies. It’ll be the 39th anniversary.

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