WTB 12ft or more heaver

Looking for another heaver to match my conventional surf reels. Wanting something that is 12ft or more and can handle a true 8 & bait. ( combined casting 12-16oz). I have a star pg2040c12. I love that rod and would like to find another or something very similar. Call or text for best response 843-367-8844

I’ve got an All Star Breakaway 1508 but I think it is a little less than what you are looking for. There is a guy in Myrtle Beach with a Conoflex Nemesis On EBay that would definitely fit the bill but it is built for spinning.
You might want to look to Tommy Farmer with CCP or Noel Kuhn with AFAW for that type of rod.
That’s a lot of rod. How far are you looking to cast that weight?

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