WTB: (2) Avet 50ws, maybe tiagra or Makaira

Got 1 Avet 50w recently and love it. Looking to buy 2 more, or maybe a Makaira 50w. Will also consider buying 2 Tiagra 50w LRSA’s. All must be wide frame. Looking to buy asap.

pm or 631-553-6301

team www.sharkswhatsharks.com

How about an Okuma Titus Silver 50W 2 Speed in good shape?

Pioneer 222 Sportfish Yamaha F300
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only looking for the listed reels the only exceptions would be 80w versions of those listed.

team www.sharkswhatsharks.com

also looking for aftco tag stick, paying 25.

team www.sharkswhatsharks.com