WTB: High Tide flats boat

Looking for a High Tide flats boat. Let me know if anyone has one for sale or knows of one?


Nice to see you posting again, welcome back!!

Anything specific in your search details? (aka length/year model)

Also, a few years back the Brand was sold, and changed to MiTide Boats. IIR?

Any interest in the MiTide models?

Here’s one for sale on Charleston/Craigslist, in Myrtle Beach.

Another in Columbia/Craigslist.

Thanks but those are not the “flats boat” version. I went and looked at this one on Saturday. This one needs a lot of work. Pics are from when he bought it about 5 years ago. But this the boat I’m looking for.

That is NOT an original “High Tide” made in Georgetown.
I had a 1988 Model - I put a poling platform on it and it Looked the Part - and poled OK if not to windy, But NOT a shallow water boat at all - in fact I believe its draft was close to 10".

It is an original High Tide made in Georgetown …here is the new Mi Tide version, exact same boat.