WTB large 2 speed trolling reel

I want a reel for pulling planers and deep dropping for big fish. The ONLY reels I’m interested in are (in order of interest)

Avet Pro EXW30/2
Avet Pro EX30/2
Avet Pro EX50/2
Okuma Makaira 30II
Okuma Makaira 50II
Penn Int 30VSX
Penn Int 50VSX
Shimano Tyrnos 50II

It’d be a big plus if it has 400-500+ yards of 100-130 lb braid and an even bigger plus if it comes with a bent butt rod suitable to my needs. The reel doesn’t have to be in showroom condition as long as it functions flawlessly and has been well maintained. PM me the info and pictures if you’e got one.

You back from Alaska?