WTB some battery cable for motor

I am installing a second battery and I’m cheap and if anyone has used cable they want to sell or enough on a old spool for a good price please let me know. I have a 115 merc and think i need #2 AWG but might be able to get away with #4AWG. I probalby should see what i have on my primary battery. they are 1000CA batterys
i’ll need about 7 or 8’ of red and about 5’ of black

How cheap are you?

old jumper cables

10/3 wire

Old washing machine cord

Dumpster diving at construction sites after electric roughed in

Hello OTC

I’m no help. We don’t do anything new and hardly don’t have to fool with electrical much.

Good luck finding copper wire just laying around in a dumpster…

I think they come with a #4, don’t go smaller than that for sure. You can get #4 from jumper cables too for less $ but you also get wire that’s not designed to be in or around oil, gas, or sunlight… well guess what you boat is full of? Be smart and buy once and cry once. Also, don’t cheap out the #4 ring terminals either. Fuel and battery stuff I NEVER go aftermarket or cheap. Just my $.02. Good luck and let us know how you go about it.


And be liberal with the Vaseline on all your connections :+1:


dielectric grease

Stumpknocker is 100% right. Get the right material, waterproof connectors where applicable and use the proper grease.

Corrosion happens quickly on saltwater and even quicker when you use inappropriate materials. Unfortunately you should suck it up and get the good stuff or be chasing corrosion problems sooner rather than later.

I can get this at Overtons pre-made lengths with terminals. I need the 4 position switch too. I guess i’ll suck it up and get the right crap.

Yep,you better listen to ole sparky.haha

$20 in Hanahan
Was installed new but never hooked to a motor.
They installed New motor with new cables.

Ordered from genuinedealz with factory ends.
Red gas ring terminals on both ends.
Black has stud on one end, ring on other.

Hot deal…
You can go by West Marine and by the ends and use their crimper…
Or just roll them up nice and zip tie

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Bay, what Ricky said. Vaseline it will thin and run out in hot weather, plus it is petroleum based and true dielectric is Silicon based.

Gotcha thanks for the info I’ll get me some di grease and put the Vaseline in 1st aid kit

That is a hot deal!!

sweet. i’m coming to buy it today. PM me so i can meet you? you are awesome