Ya gotta be kidding

So I have an 06 Accord for running around in due to gas prices and keeping miles off truck.

Had oil change and rotation at Honda place, and while there I asked for man estimate on replacing power steering pump.

WTF?? $750 for pump and $550 install…I was like you gotta be kidding me and will do myself. Which was the plan, but had to ask.

Can get a new one at Autozone for $175 with 2 year warranty and simple swap.

I’ll get my son to assist due to a sore finger, lol.


vehicle work is stupid expensive. i feel bad for people that can’t fix some things on their vehicles. i stay away from transmission, but everything else is easy to fix with some tools, a friend to hold a flashlight and/or my beer, and youtube.

Yep, Hammurred, I feel for those that are having tough time already putting food on the table…


Teaching your son is the best plan.

Sadly, my daughter couldn’t change a tire if she had to.

It’s all about life experiences…


That being said.

My daughter is on her way home, from Florida, spring break.

Wife, is on a weekend trip, with the Girls, in Toccoa.

Dang, I miss watching T.V.

Can’t even work the remote…


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Remember when wiper blades came as 2 in a box?

Kept a box of buss fuses in the glove box

Bumper jack

Putting pea gravel in your buddy’s hubcap

or a potato in the exhaust pipe of that ahole

Pop pop’s old truck with an oil bath air filter

Seems like a simpler time

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HaHa, I need a remote finder, then takes a moment to get it right.


The good ole days, Bay. I was quite the ■■■■ in my teens.

Took up for my older sister, ugh, hate to say this. But she was being messed with by another chick boyfriend crap so while riding the road with some buddies we noticed a skunk with some little ones following. Grabbed buddies blue jean jacket and thru over one and jumped back in van.

Yep, it stunk, but off to destination. Pulled up and window of chicks car was down several inches. I stuffed that jacket in there and shook little stinker out…I know, I have asked for forgiveness since, but at the time, priceless.

Heard it got up under dash…

Oh Lord, I was a bit crazy…

DoubleN, you bring up a valid complaint on parts prices from a dealer. Just this week I ended up with a 93 Cheyenne flatbed with a 6.2 old noisy rattly Diesel. Starter bad, new one from GM was $820 dollars. Got one from Dixie Auto for $180 (could have got identical off line for $130 but so much easier to deal with warranty returns and also spending money local).

I’m really glad for you that you were able to do this yourself. The days of the “shade tree” mechanic are dwindling and the dealers and repair shops know it and price accordingly.

Just a sideline b.s. rant. Cranked old girl up and a young “kid” was near me and said “that thing is about to come apart”! I smiled and said nope, this is what our older diesels sounded like and why many hated them. The new 3.0 Duramax diesel like 23sail has… freaking quieter than some gas engines and 30+ mpg to boot in a full size truck!!! it will also tow better than the 5.3 despite others that say not.

Glenn, check out Rockauto. I buy all my parts, filters, etc from them. Good prices and usually several brands to choose from. I still do as much as I can on all of our cars. Partly to save $ but, I still enjoy working on cars. At least the stuff that hasn’t gotten to complicated to do.

Appreciate y’all as usual. Fred, the price for part is crazy, but $550 for labor that should only take an hour??? Perhaps they do more than just swap it out??? Clean entire system perhaps, removing all of the old fluid?? Anyway, a rip!

Thanks, Doug. Already purchased so I need to keep that in mind.

On a side note, took DIL and the two grandsons as son was working to the land to ride around. Saw a coupe black or king snakes sunning in the the roads. Then decided to go to Tractor Supply for some wildflower seeds and strawberries to plant.

Oh Lordy, they had a chicken coop display out front that I was talked into,ugh. I’m a sucker when they are with me. But I love the time together. Hey, at least this something I can get a return on vs Bidens economy…

A lady that works in there is a chicken guru and gave me her husbands number awhile back. I called him and gonna get 3 from him next week just starting to lay.

Will see, lol.



DoubleN, shop labor rates have skyrocketed. What ya have to watch for are the mechanics working salary + commission and go by recommended labor rates. Say a job calls for 4 hours and they have gotten good at it and finish it in 2… you still get charged for 4 hours. Your reputable “Mom and pop” don’t usually do this.

In a dealership like you suggested, yes they have to “flush” entire system to ensure “warranty”. But no way should it be that much labor.

I’ve got another good parts story… Paccar engine in a KenWorth, failed Crankcase Ventilation Module. Have had one on order for 7 months. Just got it and I know of 8 other trucks down for same issue. Dealer cost. $1200. found a couple on ebay new for $4200. Was going to pull the trigger to get truck on road… SOLD OUT. How many others down for this part? Seller knew they were on National B.O. and made a killing.