Y'all ever heard of Sunn Hemp for food plots? Yep, Double NN's

There is a feed store just a few miles away from land…These folks are awesome with best prices I’ve seen locally.

Anyway, they have lots of different food plot seeds, but he told me about something called Sunn Hemp. Been looking at folks using it on the Tube and think I’m gonna give it a try. It’s a legume and will get over 6’ tall, but the guy told me to bush hog it high once it reaches around 4’ and it will keep the tender stuff deer like shooting out.

Sounds like what I need as it builds nitrogen and when mowed and disked back into soil provides great organic material.

Start with this soon in one area as it grows fast, then the dove field mix after mowing and disking.

Shall see…

just googled it… never heard of it. Let us know!!! If you are doing dove stuff, don’t rule out some sesame seed. That stuff will tolerate poor soil and then do fantastic in fertile soil. Had some get 4-6 feet tall and full of seed. Had some other just past a foot or two in a poor area… but still full of seed.